When is it time to seek help?

One of the most common questions that people ask about addiction is when it is time for them to seek help for their loved ones or for their own addiction issues. Although it may be easy to identify from one perspective, for someone who is already addicted to a substance, it may be hard for them to be able to recognize whether or not they are addicted. Not everyone is able to acknowledge that they have an addiction problem and that they need to seek help in order to reduce the effects of that issue. By recognizing some of the behaviors that are associated with the use of drugs, you may be able to have more insight into seeking help.

There are some warning signs that suggest someone may be dealing with drug abuse of addiction. People who are affected by drug abuse typically start neglecting their responsibilities, they may start using drugs under dangerous conditions or trying to take risks while they are high. Other times their drug use may get them into legal trouble, such as getting arrested, driving under the influence, or stealing in order to support their drug habit. Another sign is that their drug use may be causing problems in their relationships; they may experience that they are having fights with their partner, family members, a boss, or even some of their friends.

The signs for drug addiction are a bit different, however. Someone might begin to build up a tolerance to the drug that they have been using and feel that they need to use more of the drug in order to experience the same effects that you could attain with smaller amounts. They may start taking more drugs to try to avoid or relieve the sensation of the withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, shaking, sweating, anxiety, and many other symptoms. Some people recognize that they have lost control over their use of drugs and that they are doing the drugs more than they had initially planned to.

Other hints that drug addiction may be occurring can be found in the feeling that the individual's life revolves around drug use. If they seem to be spending a lot of time using and thinking about drugs or figuring out how to get them, it's a reflection of how much drug use has taken over their lives. They might start losing interest in activities that they used to enjoy and may stop socializing with their friends or participating in hobbies and sports because they would rather participate in drug use. One of the most clear signs of drug addiction is when the person acknowledges that they are using drugs and that they are going to continue to use them even though they realize that it is harmful for them. It can cause blackouts, infections, depression, paranoia, and mood swings, but the individual that is addicted may continue to use the drugs anyway because of the way that it makes them feel when they are high.

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