What is a Long-Term Rehab Program

Rehab programs are there to help people who need help for drug abuse, addiction, alcohol abuse, or other forms of addictions. But most of them are quite short, increasing the risk of relapse. A month of rehab, whether inpatient or outpatient, isn’t always enough. That is why there are long-term rehab programs available, often lasting several months or 180 days. These are available to those who may need a longer stint at rehab or who has previously completed their rehab program but has relapsed and needs a longer treatment program.

How Long Does it Last

The length of long-term rehab programs vary, based on the individual. But typically they can last 120 or 180 days. This means being in residential rehab for 4-6 months of treatment. It is ideal for many people, as 30 or 60 days isn’t always enough. People with dual diagnosis or who have dealt with addictions off and on for many years, typically benefit the most from these longer rehab stays.

Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab can pose many benefits to people who choose this option. For one thing, they are more structured. Because you are going to be there for a long time, counselors and administrators have a more structured and organized rehab treatment program. Their intent is to use the time wisely, by spreading out support, counseling, therapy and various activities. The goal is to help everyone there recover from their abuse or addiction problems by encouraging family support and group support.

The Long-Term Approach

There is a long-term rehab approach that includes different facets of the process. It begins like other rehab programs with a detox process. Detox is to help individuals feel relief from their withdrawal symptoms which can be very severe at times. Someone is monitoring them through this process. After that, a number of things are included in the long-term approach, including motivational interviewing, motivational incentives, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and community-based support groups with others staying at the long-term rehab care facility.

What is Involved With Long-Term Rehab

Aside from the basic care received, many other things re included with long-term rehab. Of course you should be aware these programs aren’t offered at every long-term rehab facility, but you should inquire about them if they seem interesting to you. Some common programs include yoga, meditation, holistic care, massage and tai chi sessions, spa treatments, hypnotherapy, trauma workshops, gender-specific treatments, anger management, classes for art and music, and other programs. These are usually offered in the private long-term rehab facilities, which offer more privacy, but will also cost a little more.

Long term rehab isn’t for everyone, but some individuals find the support and care they need. If you have tried rehab before but relapsed over and over again, it’s time rethink your methods and consider long-term stays at rehab.

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