Inpatient Faith Based Rehab Programs


Different types of Christian or faith-based rehab programs are available, while inpatient is preferred by many. Inpatient rehab requires you to stay in the rehab facility until your time is up. Some people will go short term, which is under 30 day, such as following a relapse. Others go for long term rehab which can be anywhere from 30 to 180 days, or even up to a year in some cases. Continue reading to learn more about inpatient programs that are based around religion or faith.

Why Choose Inpatient Christian Rehab?

If this is your first time entering rehab, inpatient rehab is usually recommended. Christian=based rehab is good because they will have extra programs tailored to your religion, such as attending church. It can be helpful when you have access to faith-based activities and functions throughout rehab. Also consider the benefits of inpatient versus outpatient rehab. With inpatient Christian rehab, you are admitted to the facility. You aren’t near any drugs or alcohol, or people using them. Inpatient also offers you access to detox programs for the very difficult withdrawal symptoms bound to follow.

What to Expect in the Program

When you enter the program, you will first go through a questionnaire and application process. This determines what kind of addiction you have, how long you have been struggling with it, and personal questions. If you are a dual diagnosis patient, they will also want to find hat out and treat it. This means treating anxiety, depression, or mental disorders. Then you go through detox and withdrawal, followed by attending counseling sessions, family counseling, individual therapy, and going to support groups. You can be in rehab 30 days or longer.

How Long Is Christian Inpatient Rehab?

This depends on what you need treated and how serious of a substance abuse or addiction problem you have. Short term rehab is usually 1-4 weeks. This is for people who previously went to rehab for longer, but have relapsed. Often, shorter periods of time are enough to get back on track. Long term rehab is anything over 30 days, often up to 180 days or 6 months. The longest someone may be in rehab is a year.

How to Prepare for Being Released

Being released from inpatient Christian rehab can often be the most difficult part. You have been staying with only people who are sober or trying o get clean. But once you’re back in the real world, the triggers and temptations show themselves. Prepare before you go home, by finding sober friends, a solid support system, and knowing your relapse prevention plan.

Inpatient Christian or faith-based rehab programs are available from a wide range of facilities throughout the country. If it is important you follow a rehab program that includes religious affiliations and activities, you should use this criteria when searching for a reputable and licensed rehab center in your area.

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