Shopping Addiction Treatment


A shopping addiction is typically caused by feelings of depression, anxiety, disappointment, anger, shame, and guilt; however, it can also be brought on by financial troubles and relationship problems. As a result, these issues need to be addressed directly when treating someone with a compulsive shopping disorder. When attempting to treat several symptoms, instead of just the addiction alone, the sufferer will more likely be able to gain control of their problem over time, which in turn will allow them to be less vulnerable to their conditions in high risk situations.

In particular, there are certain steps that can be taken by individuals with shopping addictions, which have proven to yield positive results over time. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have an addiction, no matter how embarrassed you feel that you might be as a result. Once you have taken this step, you can learn how to help yourself through your weakest moments; for instance, you can choose to make lists of items that you really need before going out to shop at a local store or shopping center. By sticking to your lists, you will be less likely to give into your addictive tendencies. Moreover, taking a friend or family member with you when you go shopping can also help you; however, this individual who accompanies you must be someone who will not let you buy whatever you want. The point of this tactic is to ensure that you are accountable for your actions. Furthermore, disposing your credit cards can also help you with your detrimental shopping habits, as you will be less likely to splurge on items that you do not need if you do not have the money in hand to spend. If these methods of fighting your addiction on your own do not make a big difference, you will want to consider seeking professional help. In fact, there are different types of therapy that you can undergo in order to attack your problem with the help of a professional.

Behavioral therapy can help you change your negative shopping habits and transform them into more positive types of behavior. Behavioral therapy can help you come to the realization that you do not need to shop in order to feel better or comforted when you are going through a difficult situation. It can help you understand that instead of going shopping, you can spend your time more productively by exploring and discussing your feelings with your friends and family members.

Another type of assistance that you can find through professional help is cognitive therapy. It can help you change your way of thinking about shopping and help you understand that your shopping is only causing you to worsen your situation, both emotionally and financially. This type of therapy focuses on assisting you in finding other forms of relieving stress.

In most cases, financial counseling is required in order to significantly change the way an addictive shopper will behave and handle their money. In most cases, this type of counseling is necessary in making sure that shopping addicts understand how to get back on track and be responsible with their finances.

Self-help groups or support groups are other forms of assistance that you can find if you wish to attack your problem in a more conscious way. Support groups can be helpful because the other members of the group share in your pain and understand your need to shop. In fact, they are just like you, so they understand what you are going through. More importantly, support groups provide judgment-free zones in which you can discuss your habits and not feel ashamed for falling victim to them.

Alongside different forms of therapy, there are many guides and self-help books that you can use to help you overcome your addiction. You can find these resources at local libraries, rehabilitation centers, and counseling offices. In some cases, you may have to contact a professional in order to get access to the types of books and helpful resources that you need to learn more about your addiction.

In some can be prescribed to individuals with shopping addictions; however, this is only done in extreme cases when the addiction is caused by more severe mental conditions, such as depression or a mental illness.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most people with shopping addictions will not seek the help that they need to get better and improve their situations. This can be caused by feelings of anxiety and fear, as addicts are commonly embarrassed to admit that they have a serious problem that cannot be resolved on their own. It can be equally as difficult to discuss these issues and their potential causes with others, as some individuals do not wish to explore the reasons or causes for their addiction. However, the first step is admitting the problem exists so that it can be addressed; with the help of loved ones and medical professionals, there is hope of overcoming your shopping addiction.

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