5 Signs Someone May Have a Shopping Addiction

1) A large amount of unopened or tagged items in their home

Someone who has a large amount of unopened boxes or clothing that still has the tags on it is giving several important signals that they may have a shopping addiction. None of the purchases that they made seemed to have filled a need.

2) They regularly make purchases that they didn’t intend to make

Someone who constantly says things like “well, I wasn’t going to buy anything but…” and other phrases like this may have a shopping compulsion that they are struggling with. Someone who is easily tempted by items that they could otherwise do without.

3) Stress, anger, or frustration lead them with the desire to shop

When faced with a stressful situation, a shopping addict will immediately turn to shopping to calm their nerves (in the same way an alcoholic goes to alcohol or a smoker to a cigarette).

4) A feeling of anxiety on days where the person isn’t able to do any shopping

This may not be each day of the week but if a person has a specific shopping day (Saturday, for example) and they are unable to shop that day the anxiety they feel then could indicate the same compulsion.

5) They make attempts to hide their shopping habits from friends, family, and loved ones

This could be as simple as lying about what they did the night before or hiding purchased goods in the trunk on their car but the reality is the same—they are trying to hide what they are doing.

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