What is Casino Self Exclusion?


Casino Self Exclusion is a voluntary step people can take to start gambling. Self-Exclusion lists vary state by state but in general:

  • You’ll no longer be able to enter a casino in that state
  • You can no longer claim state lottery winnings
  • You’re removed from all casino mailing lists.

In some states even if you aren’t ready to stop gambling but want to ensure you no longer gamble on credit you can suspend all your credit priviledges at casinos in that state.

Why Do People Self Exclude?

Since gambling addiction is a very real and potentially dangerous problem with huge impact on peoples lives, people in gambling recovery who fear their will power may slip leading them to fall off the bandwagon will self-exclude to avoid the temptation to go gamble.

Not all self-exclusions are created equally, in New Jersey for example you can set a self-exclusion period of one year, five years, or a lifetime self exclusion.

What Happens If I Go To A Casino Anyway?

Again, this can vary from state to state but in a state like Kansas you can be arrested for trespassing and you must immediately surrender any winnings you’ve earned in the casino.

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