Keeping with the dedication to customized and comprehensive care, the Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment center recently welcomed a new clinical director, Naomi Morgan. The head of admissions said that she is an exceptional asset to the professional team. Morgan has been working in the fields of addiction treatment and mental health for long period of time and is a specialist in the treatment of chemical dependency and substance abuse. She is qualified to handle a spectrum of interrelated psychological and clinical health services from crisis intervention and anger management to court ordered DUI diversions and the treatment of PTSD.

She also brings vast amounts of experience and knowledge in the area of family therapy, such as couples and marriage counseling. The Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment emphasizes complete body purification and recovery with addiction treatment plans that have been refined and reviewed by the staff at the center. The group of professionals at the center includes highly experienced medical personnel, such as therapists, counselors, an extensive support team that has been designated to maintain a consistent one on one client to staff ratio.

It is believed that with this new addition to the team, there will be many more people who are struggling with addiction who will be able to gain access to help and understanding that is more personalized and specialized towards their needs and their care. It is just in time based on the changes that will soon be occurring based on the Affordable Care Act, which will cause many facilities to need to focus on adding more people to their team in order to work towards treating the countless amount of people who will be able to receive treatment when they have become insured. For this reason, there are many facilities which are already searching for experts who will be able to meet the needs of those who are seeking for some help in gaining relief from their addiction and gaining control within their lives again.

Health insurance companies will be required to pay for substance abuse and addiction treatment in 2014. States are allowed to determine whether or not to make Medicaid available to more people. The change means that up to 62 million people will be able to receive coverage for drug and alcohol problems, which may range from paying for weekly counseling sessions to dealing with long term stays in some of the rehab facilities in the area. Local treatment centers are encouraged that addiction is now beginning to be treated more like a disease than a moral problem. The change is part of the Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010 to help expand Medicaid and private insurance coverage for more people. Certain aspects of the law will go into effect regardless of what the legislature does, however. The Affordable Care Act established 10 mandatory essential health benefits that needed to be covered by individual and small group insurance plans. One of the benefits is behavioral health, which includes addiction treatment.

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