Even though the numbers are decreasing, meth is still an epidemic. As of this year, the estimated cost of the epidemic is $23.4 billion, and $32 million goes to the injury and death from meth labs. A study on Drugwarfacts.org reports that last year there was an estimated 440,000 users of methamphetamines. Statistics from Drug Abuse Warning Network reports that 103,000 meth users visited their hospital emergency departments the year before. The meth epidemic is still spreading its malicious influence on the American youth, and this is still worrisome because it kills an average of a thousand people every year. The longer tolerance builds to the drug, the worse havoc it wreaks on the body, and that’s why treatment should be sought out immediately.

With meth, it’s important to keep in mind that residential treatment is usually the best place to go. Of course, this depends on the severity of the addiction, but if the user hasn’t undergone detoxification then they should immediately seek out an inpatient program. Meth withdrawal can be deadly in the sense that it makes the recovering addict suicidal from depression in most cases. Another reason to consider residential treatment is that the symptoms of meth withdrawal are physical; during detoxification, former users are subject to heart palpitations, convulsions, tremors, nausea, lethargy from sleeplessness and an extreme craving for more of the drug. It’s because of symptoms like these that 93% of recovering meth users relapse.

Behavioral therapies have been reported to work extremely well with meth addiction. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that this is the most effective treatment for meth addiction, noting cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management interventions specifically. A common referred element of drug treatment is the Matrix Program, which is a 16-week behavioral treatment. It’s a 12 step program offered by numerous rehab centers that includes urine testing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual counseling and more. As far as the medicinal side of meth treatment goes, there aren’t currently any medications that counteract the specific effects of the drug. The strongest possible assistance will come from combining residential treatment and counseling.

Paying for treatment in a rehab center can be done in multiple ways since costs can be considerably expensive. Despite the average of $3,000-$9,000 for a 28 day stay in many rehab facilities, many different types of health insurance actually cover stays in rehab. On top of that, there are various financing programs that can possibly cover the expense. For one, there is government aid that allots money to those looking to get clean. Secondly, it’s logical that some rehab centers will be more flexible with payments and offer plans to cover the costs of an inpatient stay. Lastly, some rehab centers offer their own programs and plans of payment. When considering a treatment center, it’s usually best to call them and request additional information on their accreditation and success rates to make sure you get professional assistance.

Meth addiction is one of the most life-threatening drug addictions one can have, and is one of the rare instances where a stereotype is most likely true. The more meth used or the more potent the dosage, the closest the user comes to overdosing. Even discounting the prospect of dying from the drug, meth users have to worry about permanent damage to the heart and brain; live, kidney, and lung damage; malnutrition and weight loss; a mouth full of broken teeth and abscesses; and a lot more that debilitates the user and their appearance. The least wise thing to do as a meth user is to prolong treatment, because meth gradually wears down the body through a lack of sleep. Addicts will commonly find themselves staying awake for days on end, and upon crashing they’ll sleep for just as long consecutively. Without the proper help at the proper time, a user of meth can spiral into the abysmal depths of this dangerous addiction.

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