The National Drug Threat Assessment reported a 350 percent increase in the productivity of heroin from 2007 to 2010. Its export value rose to $4 billion in the course of that four years with 38 metric tons of heroin being produced each year. In 2011, studies went on to report that 4.2 million Americans as young as 12 and over had tried heroin at least once in their lives while 23% (nearly a million of them) became dependent on them. A website for a rehab facility, Michael’s House, currently lists a statistic claiming that as many as 700,000 people are currently living in the United States with a heroin addiction and not seeking treatment for it, meaning that only 300,000 heroin addicts make an effort to get clean each year. Heroin is a seriously addictive drug that has a destructive effect on the lives of its users, and without treatment addicts are guaranteed a path to failure and even death.

Right now, rehab facilities offer an abundance of treatment options for heroin users. There are outpatient programs available that may take a considerable amount of time, but given the severity of this drug it’s highly recommended that users consult options for residential treatment. The reason for this is that the symptoms of heroin withdrawal actually cause physical pain, and residential treatments usually offer detoxification programs that contain resources like anesthesia to meliorate such effects. While there is counseling and a decent success rate behind behavioral therapy, one must keep in mind that withdrawal effects include fevers, aches and pains, nausea, restlessness, mood changes and excessive body fluids. This peaks within 1 to 3 days and lasts a week.

For treatment, many programs will offer medication such as methadone. It’s worth noting that you can consult your doctor for a prescription to this drug. A new and popular treatment for heroin addiction is buprenorphine, which lowers the level of physical dependence on heroin. There are herbal treatments such as Kratom, though their effectiveness in treating heroin addiction hasn’t yet been confirmed. Additionally, treatment centers offer things such as behavior intervention, which reinforces the necessity of a healthy lifestyle and teaches users how to actively avoid and remove bad influences from their lives. Counseling offers various methods of therapy which promote the value of communication and accepting outside assistance for personal problems such as drug addiction.

Over-the-counter prescriptions of methadone can be as low as $10, while buprenorphine ranges from $80-120 respectively. The intensity of heroin addiction usually warrants inpatient stays, which can be costly given the fact that residential treatment consists of the patient basically living at their rehab center. As a result, while the prices of residential treatment for heroin addiction can range from $3,000 to $20,000 and higher, many forms of health insurance will pay for sizable chunks of a user’s stay. In the event that you don’t have the money required before or after, you can also look into some of the finance options offered by most treatment centers. Many offer payment plans that let the user pay off increments of the debt accumulated by their stay, assuming their insurance hasn’t covered it already.

There’s no sensationalizing heroin addiction. In 2002, there were as many as 286,157 admissions for heroin addicts in treatment centers across America. The obvious long-term effect of heroin is addiction, which is so severe that the drug has been stigmatized in our society and classified as one of the worst to be hooked on. Prolonged usage can cause arthritis, abscesses, death, infections in the lining of the heart, and AIDS/HIV if continuously using random needles. It’s worthy to note that heroin can also cause spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. When considering treatment for heroin, it’s wisest to move fast and get it as soon as possible because the end result of these types of addictions are usually catastrophic without help. You can find local rehab centers for treatment at

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