Avinza is a morphine sulfate extended release capsule that is typically administered once per day. It is used to relieve moderate to severe chronic, long term, pain in adults that require 24 hour pain relief. It is used to treat osteoarthritis and lower back pain in most adults. However, like many other drugs that are originally prescribed to alleviate pain, a person could develop strong dependency urges on Avinza. For many people, the drug has eventually led to an addiction.

Recovery Associates Drug Rehab is now working together to place a focus on creating an Avinza addiction treatment. The goal is to help men and women of all ages be able to stop abusing the use of this potent drug. Like some of the other prescription drugs that are commonly abused, people who use Avinza typically grind the pills into a powder. The powder is then inhaled so that the individual can either take the pills to achieve the feeling of being high or as a means to try to increase the pain relieving effect, which usually does not produce the same results.

Recovery Associates is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides a variety of different programs and services for teens, men, and women that are struggling with chemical dependency issues. At the course of their philosophy is the belief that the addiction is a treatable illness. Their addiction treatment experience has shown that anyone is capable of being able to achieve lasting recovery and mental, physical, and spiritual freedom from the disease of addiction. The unique program offers three different tracks; expressive therapies, traditional drug rehab, and a Christian rehab option. They believe that by offering different options and therapies they will be able to better assist their clients in finding an individualized path to recovery. The focus is on the underlying issues that lead to the addictive behaviors and destructive patterns.

The multidisciplinary team is made up of Board Certified Addictions Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Certified Addictions Counselors. These individuals are passionate about recovery and helping individuals to work towards the healing process. The therapist will try to help the individual unlearn the old habits that they have developed and work towards developing healthier skills instead. The main goal of this form of therapy is to educate the drug dependent individual to change the way they think about their substance abuse and learn new ways that they can cope with the situations and circumstances that lead towards their episodes of usage. People may not be able to change their circumstances but they can change how they think about those circumstances and also how they feel and behave.. In the treatment for drug dependence, the goal of therapy is to teach and individual to recognize situations which they are most likely to drink or use drugs in and avoid these situations if at all possible. It also helps them by allowing them to learn how to cope with other problems and behaviors that can lead to their substance abuse over a period of time.

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