Choosing the right treatment program for alcohol addiction can be challenging, but it’s a vital step in recovering. According to a review released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to alcohol and drugs, but only 11 percent of them receive treatment. That means that of the estimated 23.5 Americans suffering from alcoholism, only 2.6 million of them take the steps needed to recover. When deliberating on the treatment that’s right for you, it’s important to consider the details of your living situation, the extent of your condition and the effectiveness of your rehabilitation center. In this article, you will be introduced to types of treatment, treatment options, and ways of finding and determining what rehab center is best for you.

There is a substantial number of options available when choosing treatment, all of which depend on the severity of your condition and your living situation. If you’re only a light/moderate drinker or have a day job that commands most of your attention, then you may consider an outpatient program. Usually, people active in outpatient treatments meet around 3 or 4 days a week for a few hours. If you consider yourself to be seriously in need then some rehab centers offer residential treatment, which encompasses living in a rehab center for 30-60 days. These types of treatments not only strengthen patients mentally, but offer conveniences such as sedatives for withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, there are adolescent programs that take in 11-18 year olds, programs that offer hospitalization for endangered patients and counseling (Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.) that promote healthy living.

When it comes to the methods employed in treatment programs, you’ll find that that there is a colorful array of things to expect. Some issue prescription medications that fight against the compulsion to drink or trigger nausea when alcohol enters the system. Other treatment programs may require you to meet with a health care professional for injections of Vivitrol, which distorts the good feelings caused by alcohol. Residential treatments will often focus on detox and administer the sedatives mentioned earlier to quell withdrawal symptoms, but staying clean afterward is a different story entirely. This is where things like counseling and therapy come in. There are support groups that help promote a healthy lifestyle after treatment to keep people clean, some of which are offered by rehab centers.

Picking out a rehab center requires you to sort through a multitude of important factors, one of which is price. Some rehabilitation centers can run you $20-30,000, most of which is covered by health insurance. Since the American Hospital Association declared alcoholism a disease, many providers include payment for rehabilitation centers for a certain amount of days in their insurance offers. Another thing to keep in mind is accreditation, as some rehab centers are better than others. It’s important to know whether or not the rehab center you’re considering has credible professionals and decent programs for aftercare. Lastly, many professional rehab centers have their success rates tracked by an objective outside company. While you don’t have to soak in every bit of trivia about where you’re going, covering your basis is essential to getting the best possible treatment.

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