Having an extended stay at an inpatient rehab center requires for you to be equipped with personal items and supplies that you usually wouldn’t have if you were staying at a hospital visit or just going off by yourself to a rehab program. In order for you to be able to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay, it’s encouraged for a family member or loved one to accompany you on your first day to help you get situated and familiar with your new surroundings.

Obviously, you will want to pack anything you may need before you get into this type of program. Most programs will provide you with a list of what you can and cannot bring. If you have any questions about items that are not on the list, then you can ask the staff for further clarification. Bringing some of the basics can be very helpful. Plenty of comfortable clothing, underwear, sleepwear, and various other forms of personal items are ideal. Usually your family will have to exchange some clothing items with you from time to time because there’s not a personal laundry service available on the site of the program.

Having your medical documents with you is very important. You should bring your insurance cards and a copy of any important medical documents that you might need while you are in the program. You can also provide some copies of this to your family, but you want to have your own information handy if it’s necessary so that you will be able to provide it to the staff if they need any additional information from you. Knowing your doctor’s contact information can also be helpful in case they need to get in contact with him or her for any reason during your stay.

Your use of medication in these facilities may vary. Some facilities allow for you to handle the responsibility of your medication on your own, assuming that you do not have some type of addiction to prescription drugs. Other programs may feel concerned about this and may have staff oversee your dosage instead. Depending on their interaction with your doctor, they may need to have a schedule for further information about how often you have to take your medication per day in order to stay healthy. Generally, you will need to let them know of your dosage schedules and your health conditions before you start the program so that they can prepare for you.

As long as you are prepared for this program ahead of time, you shouldn’t have any difficulty with being able to get situated and comfortable. Packing well and ensuring everything is taken care of before you start the program is very essential towards having a comfortable stay there. If you have any questions you can ask the staff or a doctor for further information about what you should expect while you are in the program.

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