If you have enrolled in a rehab program, going to your first therapy session can be a very unique experience. However, if you know what you can expect during the session, you may feel more comfortable about it. Many people are disappointed when they realize that one of the activities they’ll be doing for the majority of their first session is filling out forms that are related to their medical history, job history, insurance information, symptoms, and other related information. This isn’t always a requirement, but it tends to be fairly common for the first session. It’s a good idea to ask the staff at your rehab if you can start working on these forms early so that they don’t fill up the majority of your session time. This will provide you with more time to talk with the therapist.

It’s a good idea to be prepared to give an overview of your history of substance abuse. Your therapist is going to ask you to tell them something about yourself. You should be honest and upfront about this, but if you don’t feel comfortable with revealing everything about yourself in the first session, it’s alright. If you don’t feel that you have enough time to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy or getting into rehab, don’t worry. Your therapy is going to be spread out over a period of sessions for the next few months, so you don’t have to worry about telling everything to your therapist on the first session.

If you have goals that you want to accomplish in therapy, then you should mention these during your session. The therapy is there to help you and the therapist won’t be able to figure out your personal goals immediately unless you are willing to share this information with them. As you progress through the therapy program, you will start working on these goals. You shouldn’t expect for all of the goals to be met immediately. The work that is going to be accomplished through the sessions are going to take a long time, so you have to be patient with yourself and your therapist.

Do whatever you have to do to feel more comfortable with talking with your therapist. They are there to help you out. You don’t have to dress up for the session or do anything special. Just present yourself as you normally are and relax. You are not going to be judged for anything you wear, say, or do. The key is to be able to present an honest perspective of yourself to your therapist. You can tell them about all of your fears, concerns, and various other elements of your mind that you would like them to get to know. If you have questions or things that you are worried about, you can also share this information with them as well.

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