By understanding some of the common misconceptions about rehab, it may allow you to feel more comfortable about committing to a program in your area and seeking help from the individuals that are present there.

People Will Judge You

Some people avoid rehab because they feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to share information about their addictions with other people, especially in a group counseling or solo counseling setting. However, just because you are sharing this information with another person, it doesn’t mean that they are going to judge you. Many of the people in rehab who are present in the group counseling sessions benefit from hearing stories from other people who are addicted to substances because they can relate to their story and their struggles. It may help you to recover from your addiction when you realize that you are not struggling alone.

Rehab Is For Weak People

One reason that some people don’t want to get involved with going to a rehab program is because they don’t want to deal with the misconception that rehab means they are “weak” or that there is something seriously wrong with them. Although addiction is very harmful and can have a negative impact on your life, it doesn’t mean that going to rehab is going to have a negative effect as well. Rehab is one of the best ways to improve your life if you are suffering from an addiction because it will provide you with the counseling, treatment, and education that you need in order to understand your addiction and why you struggle with it on a regular basis.

Rehab Doesn’t Work

Although it is possible to have a relapse or even multiple relapses, this is not to say that rehab doesn’t work. You will get the best results from rehab if you are absolutely dedicated to working against your addiction and overcoming your issues that are associated with that addiction. Studies have shown that people in rehab have ideal results when they are in a 90 day program, although shorter programs may work for those who are dealing with different types of addictions or different addiction levels.

Addiction Is Gone Forever

One of the most common misconceptions that many people believe is that once someone has gone through rehab and completed the program, their addiction is gone forever. However, it’s not that simple. In reality, people who have gone through rehab still have to deal with the struggle of interest in their addiction. They acknowledge that they have to make a choice every day not to abuse substances again. They also acknowledge that the temptation can happen on a regular or frequent basis. Rehab doesn’t solve every issue with addiction; however, it helps you to overcome your addiction and learn ways to deal with your weaknesses towards your addiction. With this knowledge, you can work towards being free from substance abuse for the rest of your life.

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