Florida Drug Rehabs Works On Fighting Drug Addiction

Destination Hope, a nationally recognized substance abuse and mental health treatment facility for men, is now working to fight against Florida's addiction to prescription drugs in coordination with statewide efforts to reduce the amount of drug addicts in the state as well. Florida is one of the leading states for prescription drug abuse which puts Florida drug rehab centers on the front lines. The Attorney General of the state recently announced a new campaign entitled ""Born Drug Free Florida"" which was released in conjunction with the first meeting of the state's Prescription Drug Abuse and Newborns Task Force. The attorney general's campaign is designed at reducing the number of newborns that are addicted to prescription drugs.. Just last week it took aim at drug related products that were being sold at a local clothing store.

“Prescription drug addiction is often viewed as the most difficult form of substance abuse to fight,” said Ben Brafman, chief executive officer and founder of Destination Hope. “These medications are legal and available, and in many cases an acceptable part of our social culture. The problem starts when a person takes their medication in a way other than what their doctor has prescribed. It can be very tough to break the cycle of addiction, and increase awareness about the potential danger of prescription drug abuse especially if the drugs are legal.”

Florida has worked on cracking down on prescription drug abuse by using a variety of regulations and law enforcement efforts. This has resulted in a decrease in the number of prescription drug related deaths since 2011. Although some of the new legislation has made prescription drugs harder to come by, there are still a substantial amount of people who are already addicted and have been turning to other drugs like heroin to feed their addiction. This is where Florida drug rehab services are especially needed to help serve as community support for government efforts.

Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse doesn't end when a person no longer has access to legal drugs. The state and community centers need to focus on working together to help provide treatment options to people that are already addicted as well as prevent new cases of addictions within the area. Addiction treatment and prevention requires a specific multi-faceted approach that is unique to each person. Destination Hope provides a combination of therapies while simultaneously addressing the underlying mental health concerns.

The goal is to decrease the number of Americans that are addicted to legal drugs. This would help to prevent them from during to drugs like opium or heroin, which also cause substantial addiction programs. In order to treat addiction, individuals must be treated as a whole person and have all of their problems addressed. This will allow them to live a healthy life that would be free of addiction and would allow them to avoid any unhealthy substances that may pose the possibility for addiction again within the future.

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