Those who are dealing with an internet addiction can now consider getting help from some newly released hospital-based treatments. America’s first hospital-based internet addiction rehab program was opened over Labor Day weekend at a hospital in Pennsylvania. Although many view it as a reflection of just how much social media and online gaming have become excessively popular in our society, the true reflection is in the importance of what this type of treatment may be able to provide to those who are suffering from an addiction. In the most recent version of psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, known as the DSM 5, internet addiction was not acknowledged as a disorder, though it was acknowledged as meriting additional study for possible inclusion in the future.

Of course, almost everyone has used the internet or some form of social media communication during times when it was actually fairly inappropriate. There are some people who rarely use the internet or their cell phones and view other people’s usage as being too much.It’s hard to define when there’s moderation and when too much is literally too much. As a result, some fear that internet addiction could be a matter of opinion and this could make it difficult for some people to get help when they really need it, or it could lead to people who don’t need help being pushed into getting treatment. This is another one of the reasons that internet addiction needs to be more clearly defined by medical standards.

Many of the treatments that are coming out in hospitals for internet addiction are focused more on the psychological factors associated with it. The doctors and counselors want to know what the defining matter is that’s luring people to spend more time on the internet. They want to understand the motives that draw people to be addicted to the internet. Being able to identify and understand these motives may help to lead towards different treatments and other methods that can be used to help people who have a severe addiction to the internet and social media. However, these are only elements that can be managed briefly. Hospital based treatments may include non-internet periods where people have to focus on what’s going on offline, but they can only last for the duration of the time spent in the hospital. For this reason, people have to stay aware and realize that there’s always the possibility of relapse outside of the hospital’s treatment.

Rehab for internet addiction still is not yet as clearly defined as rehab for drug or substance addiction. For this reason, it’s still involving a lot of trial and error and may have hit-or-miss results. However, in that regard, the fact that a hospital-based treatment now exists is hope for addicted individuals and their families because it shows that the addiction is starting to be taken more seriously in the medical community.

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