For some recovering addicts, one of the largest concerns for them is how they’re going to cope with work. A lot of people tend to turn to substance abuse because they use it to unwind from their stresses at work, not acknowledging that they’re working towards a destructive lifestyle. Some people experience this to the extent that even dealing with the public while they are at work feels like a trigger. They think about how much they’re uncomfortable at their job and how they used to abuse substances after work or on their lunch break as a method of ‘coping’ with how they felt about working there.

Obviously, everyone has to work if they want to be able to afford food, rent, bills and other responsibilities. The addicted individual can’t avoid working because this would make their lifestyle incredibly difficult. However, they can’t go to work at that same location again or in that same position because it may trigger them or they may have even lost their job due to drug abuse. For that reason, it’s a better idea to look into switching jobs. Sometimes trying something completely new can make the working experience easier to cope with when someone is struggling with work after rehab. For many people, the more reasonable answer is to consider working from home. Having a work at home job can be ideal because these people essentially have the opportunity to either work for a company and outsource for them or even move on towards starting their own business and working as their own boss. They can create their own schedule and focus on taking things slowly.

Sometimes, just getting out of the familiar environment that would usually trigger your substance abuse can help greatly. If you used to abuse substances during a lunch break at an office or at a department store, you might like working from home because you won’t feel as if you’re pressured to work with the public all of the time. A lot of people get into substance abuse because they actually have social anxiety and other related panic disorders from interacting with groups of people; when they don’t have to work with people on a regular basis, they don’t feel the need to find an ‘answer’ to make them feel numb towards interacting with other people.

Working from home may also be an option for someone who has been fired for their substance abuse. There are many work at home companies and jobs that don’t really check those types of records because the people they hire don’t work openly with the public; jobs like working as a virtual assistant, basic customer service, or even data entry focus more on the use of skills than interacting with people on a regular basis. Therefore, it may be the ideal option for someone who wants to focus on continuing their sober life.

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