Students who are dealing with addiction may not be comfortable with having other people on their college campus know about their personal challenges. Some students feel embarrassed that they are struggling with addictions, while others may fear that if the information was more widely known on the campus, it may harm their reputation or they may get bullied by other students in the academic body. As a result, there are many students who struggle to keep their AA meetings quiet while they are in college because they don’t want to be judged or feel more vulnerable than they do already.

If there are AA meetings that are designed just for the students at a particular college or for college students in general, it may be more appropriate to consider that no one at the meetings would want to have the information about their addiction spread either; so naturally assume that they should want to do the same for you. However, if they don’t or if it’s so much of a concern that you may run into other students that you know in the area, consider attending some AA meetings that are not likely to have those same people or may cater to a different crowd. This can make the experience more comfortable for you.

The people that you should tell about your AA meetings are your counselors and your instructors. They need to know this information so that they can help you and change any possible conflicts in your schedule so that you can attend your meetings and your classes without dealing with any damage to your grades. It is safe enough for you to tell them this information because they are not allowed to disclose that information to anyone else since it is a personal student matter.

If you are feeling stressed out about balancing your meetings and your college life, you may want to talk to your family about it. Sometimes it can be helpful to just have someone to talk to about your concerns. If you don’t want to turn to your family about the matter, then there are usually college counselors or psychologists available to talk to students who are stressed about their role at college and how their life fits into it. These are also professionals who are not allowed to talk about the information that you disclose to them.

Ultimately, no one has to know that you’re attending AA during college unless you tell them. If you don’t want people to know that you are dealing with addiction, then it’s as simple as being very selective and careful about who you share that information with. Turning to your family or a professional that can’t disclose that information can be very useful. Although it can be demanding to deal with these challenges on your own during college, you will emerge as a stronger and sober person when you have met your goals.

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