The Betty Ford Center has recently come under attention for having issues with trying to keep drugs out of its rehab program. One woman shared a story about how she was given heroin by a fellow patient only a week after she had arrived at the center. She later shared that she also saw a drug deal occurring at the center. When she told a staff member what was going on, the staff member failed to report the incident. The girl was eventually transferred to another rehab center because the issues with keeping drugs out of the program were not being addressed at all.

The girl’s story is just one side to a serious problem that many drug rehab centers struggle with on a daily basis. It can be difficult for them to be able to figure out ways to keep drugs out of the access of their patients which may be finding creative means to get them. Drugs addictions are very difficult to overcome for those who are in rehab, but it is even more challenging when the clients there realize that they have access to drugs by the use of smuggling or other means that are commonly taken advantage of. Addicts are known to be willing to go to great lengths in order to get drugs. This is especially true when they are dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Some patients have been known to use internet chat rooms to create schemes they can use for obtaining drugs while they are in rehab. One discussion that happened on a forum lasted from 2004 to 2009. The patients on the site shared their stories of drug use that had occurred while they were still in rehab. One individual described an experience with a dealer that would deliver drugs in a tennis ball. The ball would be bounced up to a window on the third floor so that the patient could have access to it. They would put their money in the ball and then bounce it down to the drug dealer at the bottom.

Drug rehab centers need to find more creative and knowledgeable ways to prevent drug use from occurring while their patients are in their programs. Some have long lists of policies, rules, and procedures that they use to try to ensure that drugs cannot be smuggled into the center. While some clients may argue that this violates their privacy at times or that they feel as if the professionals that work at the centers don’t trust them, it’s not a negative reflection on them personally; the goal is just to ensure that everyone at the center is safe and that they are protected from an environment that may encourage them to abuse substances. Likewise, although there are many patients which are able to smuggle in drugs, the fact of the matter is that the professionals and those at the center can recognize that they are high and action can be taken as a result.

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