For individuals who are struggling between their addiction and their beliefs in spirituality, the idea of using prayer as a form of therapy in rehab may the most suitable option that is available. Therapy is commonly regarded as being a bit invasive for those who are in a rehab treatment center because individuals who are struggling with addiction rarely want to contribute their own personal thoughts or feelings to group therapy sessions and support groups. It can be difficult to start expressing these personal experiences and emotions because they often leave the addicted individual feeling vulnerable. There is also the fear of receiving judgment from another person, whether it is from the counselor or the other people who are present in the meeting.

As a result, prayer can be a more comfortable and suitable therapy treatment option for those who are spiritual but do not feel comfortable with sharing their private feelings with other people. Many people who believe in the power of prayer find that it is easier for them to share their emotions and feelings with their higher power or deity in prayer than it would be for them to express those same concerns to another person because of the context that many religions have that suggest that the spiritual concept of God is all-knowing, loving, and non-judgmental. For someone who has a devout context of what they believe about their own concept of God, they may feel more comfortable praying about their addiction problems than they would if they were sharing that information with a counselor.

Prayer can also be a unique source of therapy because of the role it plays in the concept of forgiveness. Many people have come to associate the element of prayer with the experience of being forgiven for something that they have done wrong. For this reason, someone who is feeling disappointed in themselves about their addiction or someone who is struggling to be able to accept their issues may find that they would feel more comfortable with working towards fighting their addiction after they have prayed for a form of forgiveness for their actions. This can be especially important in situations where the addicted individual has not been able to gain forgiveness from friends or family members that they have upset while they were not sober; being able to pray and gain another sense of forgiveness provides them with a way to move on and focus on their program.

In this sense, prayer can be an amazing source of therapy and hope for those who are struggling with addition and trying to work towards focusing more on their personal faith. This option is more commonly found in programs that are specifically faith driven and based in their approaches to handling addiction, however it is becoming a little more common in some of the traditional rehab centers as well. Addicted individuals who may feel more comfortable with receiving therapy in this sense may want to communicate this preference to the individual responsible for their participation in the program.

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