There comes a point in every recovering addict’s life when they need to acknowledge the bad influences that are in their life and come to terms with saying goodbye to them. When you are recovering from addiction, any type of bad influence in your life that may still be present can lead to triggering you to participate in addictive behavior again. That can be very risky because it can cause you to go back to your bad behavior and go on a drug or alcohol binge again, which can be harmful to your health and those around you.

During the rehab process, it may have been simpler for you to make new friends. Going to meetings and other support groups that may have encouraged you may have helped to introduce you to new friends that you were interested in getting to know better. You may have very close and long lasting relationships with these people now. However, as you become closer to your new friends, you must also realize that you can’t maintain your relationships with your old friends from your past life. Trying to hold on to both can be emotionally damaging.

The best option for you is to identify these bad influences in your life and sever ties with them immediately. If it is a group of old friends that you used to hang out with and abuse substances, even casually, you should end your ties to them and the relationship. Explain to them that you are a different person now and that you cannot comfortably maintain a friendship or relationship with them anymore based on their substance abuse. Acknowledge that their behavior is unhealthy and that it’s not the best option for you.

Bad influences aren’t just people that may remain in your life. There may be certain activities that you participate in that may tempt you to want to drink or do drugs. Watching television may even be a temptation if you see shows or commercials depicting these substances that you used to abuse regularly. Acknowledge anything that may be a trigger for you - or anyone - and then do your best to avoid them and cut them out of your life. This is the only way that you’re going to be able to move on and improve your lifestyle.

It can be difficult to sever your ties with your bad influences, especially if they are people. However, you have to keep telling yourself that this is the best option for you and that it is the healthiest choice. Although you may find it to be a very challenging experience, it’s important to remind yourself that you have new friends who are not addicted to substances anymore and that they are supportive of your goals within your life. As time progresses, you will continue to heal and move closer towards your pursuit of a sober lifestyle on a daily basis.

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