When you first make the commitment to go into a drug rehab program, one of the many experiences that you will learn from will be going to some of the 12 step programs that are available to you. Although you may think that 12 step programs are not what you were aiming to get involved with when you committed yourself to the program, you shouldn’t let this aspect deter you from getting the help that you need. In fact, many people who initially dislike 12 step programs eventually begin to realize their true value in the role of the drug rehab program.

Every drug rehab facility or treatment center has its own process for when individuals are introduced to the 12 step program. It generally begins early into your stay at the rehab. Detox is always the first requirement for being in an active treatment. After detox has been completed, the individual goes into a one-on-one therapy and group therapy program. There are other treatments which may be included as well. Generally, getting you involved in the basic idea of the 12 step program will happen early in your drug rehab program.

The program itself tends to be a level of concern for many people who get into rehab programs. They worry about whether or not they will like participating in a 12 step program. Some people wonder if they can opt out of it if they don’t feel comfortable with sharing their story or participating. These are elements and concerns that you need to direct to your therapist or counselor. They may have some alternatives for you if you truly don’t like the 12 step program that you are in. If you’re concerned about participating, then you should always talk to your counselor or therapist so that they can know about your emotions.

The best way to prepare yourself for your introduction to the 12 step philosophy and the group meeting experience is to keep your mind open to trying new things. You have already dealt with the difficult decision of going into treatment. You are doing this because you want to learn about all of the ways that you can use to overcome your addiction. If you consider it from that perspective, you may feel more comfortable with attending the meetings and getting to know the other people there. 12 step programs have been proven to have results. Therefore, you don’t want to inhibit your success by avoiding the program or not participating in it to your fullest ability.

Although sitting in a 12 step program meeting during your stay in your drug rehab program may feel a little strange at first, you should keep in mind that this is being done to get you introduced to how everything works. This is mainly so that when you are finished with your program and you are back in your own environment, you will know what to expect when you go to a meeting in your area and you will feel more comfortable when you participate.

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