Find New Friends

Addictions are often the result of the influence of friends and other people. Studies in teens have shown that peer pressure is a powerful reason that they get involved in drug use. The same can be said about adults. Those who have friendships that are based on drug use may find it more challenging to share meals, go to parties, and interact while staying sober. Having sober friends can be very important because they will be more likely to engage in fun activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

Examine the Neighborhood

Sometimes your neighborhood can provide you with too many reminders and resources about drug and alcohol abuse. You might notice that there are drug dealers everywhere or that there may be a lot of people who casually abuse drugs in their free time in your neighborhood. These types of issues can cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol again if you aren’t careful. As a result, it’s a good idea to move if your neighborhood is too much of a risk factor towards relapse.

Follow Ups

A lot of rehab programs require for the clients to stay with follow up appointments in order to ensure that they will be able to keep up with their recovery. Going to therapy and follow up programs can help individuals to strengthen their skills, handle relapse triggers, deal with family transitions, and process their feelings easier. Although life can be very demanding, staying up to date with your follow ups is crucial for recovery.

Mental Health

Going back to your old routine can be stressful, especially if you are still dealing with cravings for alcohol and drugs. It’s very easy to become depressed or deal with many other mental health issues that you may not have expected to occur. Finding time in your day to do things that are positive and make you happy can be a good way to prevent this. You might also want to get involved with exercise or physical activities like dancing. If you still don’t feel confident with your emotions, you might want to visit a counselor for some additional treatment.

Support Groups

With support groups, many of the people there are still learning about addiction and they’re getting to know people who have dealt with their own addiction issues previously. This provides them with more goals for their own path towards recovery. Going to these meetings can be inspirational and can provide you with more insight and purpose.

Help Others

Sometimes helping other people can be a great way to work towards the recovery process. A good idea is to volunteer with other programs where people are dealing with addiction. One study has shown that helping other people become sober reduces the risk that those working towards recovery would go into relapse.

Recognize Signs of Relapse

Above anything else, you should be familiar with the signs and symptoms that can lead to your own relapse. By being able to identify this, you can prevent a relapse from occurring and get help before anything happens.

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