Drug Rehab Center Helping Women And Children

The Vista House is a drug rehab center for women and children with a goal of getting them living and working independently and drug free again. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, a lot of people have to hit rock bottom before they will be able to get better. The Vista House is a way for women and children who are dealing with an addiction problem to get help for their issues and realize that there is life beyond their addictions. The center is fairly new and houses women ranging from the age of 18 to 54, as well as babies and infants.

11 out of 17 rooms are for family, such as moms and their kids. The house is staffed 24 hours a day. It has several security cameras and the women can leave the premises when they need to, but they also have to stay clean. The owners of the house do random drug screenings to ensure that the girls living there are staying sober and are not getting into any drug problems outside of the house itself. The house is partially subsidized by the government , but if the women are working then they are allowed to pay rent. It's not specifically a rehab, but more like a home for many of the girls.

For many of the women involved, it has given them a sense of hope. They are able to get help in many different regards, emotionally and otherwise. The goal is to help get the women working and living independently again. Some of the women that have had several relapses believe that this will be their last relapse now that they are living at the Vista House with other women that they can relate to.. One woman living there has already been clean for around nine months.

One of the reasons that options like the Vista House work well is because it allows for the women to experience a form of unity among each other. Many of the women are supportive of each other and their concerns or problems. They are focused on taking care of their children, being able to find work, being able to end their drug addiction habit. While this may have been something that would have been difficult for them to handle on their own, it's much easier for them to be able to face when they know that they are surrounded by other women who are dealing with the same challenges. The fact that there is no pressure for the women to pay for the living space and that they are provided with guidance to work past their addictions and help them get independent again is a great factor in allowing them to get back their lives. Although some of the women have been struggling with their addictions for years, the serenity of the setting and the connections that they are making with other women in the area is helping them to make progress.

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