Sometimes, the information that is presented in the news media regarding rehab clinics can be pretty questionable. Rehab centers aren’t always portrayed in the positive light that they should be associated with. There are stories about people waiting at centers for days and not receiving any help, horror stories about withdrawal symptoms, and even stories about people who have escaped from rehab. Although these are incredible situations to comprehend and while they do occur sometimes, they are not meant to be taken completely serious. Sometimes internet news sources can be truly questionable regarding where they have received these reports and information from.

Rehab escapes do happen. They are common among celebrities who do not want to be in rehab and those who are not taking their program seriously or are there against their will. This is common in situations where people have ended up in rehab because it was court ordered. Celebrities often skip out on their rehab program because they don’t want to spend time in the center when they could spend more time at their home or keeping up with their schedule of important events that they have already agreed to attend. Most rehab centers won’t even accept or keep someone who doesn’t want to be there based on their own will; this is because most centers acknowledge that there won’t be a change unless the individual wants to end their addiction.

Situations where people have waited at rehab centers for days without receiving any help are less common. There are a few centers in the United States which have experienced this issue, mainly due to problems with the economy. When the center has lack of space and doesn’t have enough money to be able to create more rooms or additions to the clinic itself, it means that those who need help either have to find another clinic available or wait until there is room for them at the crowded clinic. The other issue is that since there’s not a lot of funding towards centers lately, some cities and towns don’t have enough rehab clinics available, which means that everyone who has a problem with addiction has to go to the same clinic and there may not be enough room for everyone.

As for stories about withdrawal symptoms, although these symptoms can be miserable for individuals to experience and deal with, they are generally not something that the clients in the clinic have to deal with on their own. Most clinics will keep experienced staff present in order to ensure that if anything goes wrong during the withdrawal period, the clients there will be able to receive the attention and treatment that they need. It would be unethical for individuals to deal with their withdrawal symptoms without any type of professional help. Additionally, many clinics are specifically designed to ensure that the withdrawal process will be less painful or uncomfortable for the people there. As a result, there is no reason to worry or be concerned if you are interested in joining a rehab program -- you will be completely safe and well taken care of!

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