Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of friends and relatives of alcoholics who are sharing their experience to help solve their common issues. They believe that alcoholism is a family illness and that having a changed attitude can help greatly towards working towards recovery. Al-Anon is not associated with any particularly denomination, sect, organization, institution, or political entity, which means that everyone is welcome to attend a meeting and get involved with the program. There are no dues for membership and the group is considered to be self supporting based on voluntary contributions.

Membership is open to anyone who is affected by someone who has been drinking. The only requirement for membership is that there is a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend. The goal is to help families of alcoholics, as well as those who are struggling with alcoholism also. Al-Anon members do this by working on practicing the twelve steps of recovery, welcoming and comforting families of alcoholics, and by giving encouragement to those who are working on getting their sobriety. Finding a meeting can be a great way to get some support to help resist any current addictions.

In some locations, Al-Anon is listed in the white pages of the phone book, which makes it easier to find. If it is not listed, then there may be a contact number that can be obtained by calling the number listed for Alcoholics Anonymous instead. A directory of Al-Anon information services and national offices in the United States and worldwide can also be found online. Online meetings are available for those who do not have any group meetings in their area or for those who do not have a way to get to meetings that are in their region.

For some people, getting involved in Al-Anon is one fo the main ways that they are able to deal with their addiction problem or with the stress of having someone in their family who is addicted instead. It can be comforting to know that there are other people in the area who are dealing with the same experiences and having the same concerns. However, there are other people who may feel that they are having more results if they combine Al-Anon meetings with other rehab programs available within the area. Ultimately, it varies depending on the individual's addiction and their concerns.

If you suspect that there is someone in your family who is struggling with alcoholism, it can be a good idea to get to an Al-Anon meeting. This can be a good way to help the individual get some help for their addiction while still being able to offer your support and even get some acknowledgment of how their addictions may affect you as well. Going to a few meetings with your family or with a loved one can truly help them to work towards getting sobriety and having success with the program. If you have any questions, you may want to get in contact with an Al-Anon group in your area for more information.

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