For someone who is dealing with the harder demands of addiction, having treatment a few days a week is not going to completely solve the problem. Insurers are reluctant to pay for expensive care that would cover the price of treatment centers that claim to provide recovery in a matter of a few short days. It can cost thousands of dollars and generally the most that the insurer is willing to cover is the partial hospitalization for a few minor days. There have even been clinicians that have asked if people had to die of addictions before the authorizations would be approved to prevent further issues from happening.

The Affordable Care Act was intended to help cover and correct some of the issues that these people have experienced with trying to get treatment for their addiction. However, the details of how it will be implemented in Indiana have yet to be determined. Officials with the Valle Vista Behavioral Health System, which is a Greenwood based addiction treatment, choose not to answer any questions that are regarding the changes in the law and what it might mean for their facility in the future.

The Tara Treatment Center is expecting that they are going to have a substantial increase in outpatient counseling and intensive inpatient programs. Officials expect that when 27 million uninsured people start receiving basic primary care, there are going to be even more people who are identified as having some type of addiction problem. For those who are working at the facility, that is a great start and they are looking forward to helping those who are in need. However, when the problems are detected, there is the concern about whether these individuals will be able to get the treatment that they need for their recovery.

One spokesperson said that the chains of addiction were too weak to be felt until they were too strong to be broken. Although it's cost effective to be able to treat addiction problems in outpatient or on a prevention level, it's not always possible. With the disease of addiction, by the time that most people are able to go seek treatment, it's too late for them to be able to prevent the disease. This makes it more difficult for them to be able to break away from the binding ties of the addictions that they have because they have dealt with it for a while. In the case of those who will soon become insured, many of them have dealt with addiction for numerous years and have not had any help or hope of recovery because they had no way to get treatment. Now the concern is whether or not they will be receptive to treatment and if facilities like the Tara Treatment Center will even be able to help based on the amount of time that these people have been exposed to substance abuse throughout the years. Only time will be able to determine whether or not these options are a success.

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