The free drug rehabilitation program offered by the Denpasar branch of the National Narcotics Agency has failed to fulfill its quota of drug users. Since the inception two years ago, only two users have voluntarily joined the program. One spokesperson claimed that they think the majority of the drug users in the area are too embarrassed to admit that they are addicted and that they need to get help. Initially, the group had set a target of 25 drug users per year to participate in the program. The fact that the program has failed to achieve its target has forced the group to revise the target and the fund allocation. This year it will only target ten participants instead.

Seven inmates of the prison had expressed their wishes for enrolling the program when they have finished their prison sentence. They are part of 15 inmates who are still active drug users. These seven inmates will be released from prison in the next several months and this would bring this year's participants in the program to nine. Unfortunately, it took months of lobbying and meetings to even convince the seven inmates that they needed to join the program.

The spokesperson added that they have approached several local NGOs that provide assistance to active drug users and informed them about the existence of the program, but they have not seen any results from the approach. It was surprising since the program was able to offer so many positive options for those who are addicts and need to seek help. The program helps drug users to break free from addiction and is completely free of charge. The participants don't even have to pay the travel costs to participate in the program. The program will even provide them a special card that will spare them from any drug related arrest if they are participating in the program.

One spokesperson said that he wanted to reiterate that the policy for the active drug users is that if they are willing to turn themselves in to the program and willingly undergo the drug rehab program, then they would not have any reason to arrest or prosecute the individual. Aside from offering a free of charge drug rehab program, the group also intensified the detection and prevention program by carrying out urine tests targeting senior high school students. This year it aimed to conduct the tests at six schools in the area.

From each of the schools, they collected urine samples from 275 students and all of the results for the students tests came back negative. This may suggest that perhaps some of the reason why the program has not been so popular is because there is not as much drug use within the area as the group may have expected. However, the group says that they will submit the test results to the school principals and the chairman of private companies for further examination and for their input regarding the overall outcome.

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