Finding Rehab With No Insurance

If you are need of rehab, such as for alcohol or drug addiction, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in the country are currently seeking treatment. You’re also not alone if you don’t have insurance to cover your rehab program. But you do have options. There are facilities throughout the country accepting government-funded programs, low costs for qualified individuals, and payment plans if you’re unable to make the costs and don’t have insurance coverage.

What is Rehab?

First of all, you should be aware of what you’re getting when you choose rehab. For many people, abusing alcohol or drugs leads to addiction. In fact, the threat of addiction is one of the biggest risks to using drugs or alcohol. When it gets to that point, it is very hard to quit the use of alcohol or drugs on your own. This is where rehab comes in. It is either inpatient or outpatient, including detox, withdrawal, counseling, therapy and many different aspects to help you get clean and sober.

The Costs of Rehab

Rehab is very beneficial for quitting and maintaining your sobriety, but it isn’t free and usually isn’t cheap. On average, an inpatient rehab center where you stay there 24 hours a day, is between $1,000 and $2,000 a week. This is an average cost. Some insurance covers these costs, while others don’t. If you don’t have any kind of insurance, you’re paying a significant bill just to recover.

Insurance Issues

It is possible to find a rehab center that takes someone without insurance, but it will take a little searching. What you will find is that you have some different options when you don’t have insurance. You can find a facility accepting cash patients where you foot the bill all on your own, but this is very expensive. Another option is to find one that has lower costs or accepts other funding options. Here are your main choices when you don’t have insurance:

Find Non-Profit Rehab Facility – They aren’t as prominent as for-profit facilities, but they do exist. Typically, these are run by individuals who have themselves recovered and want to help others do the same.

Charity and Scholarships – Some rehab centers also offer financial assistance in the form of charitable admittance or scholarships. You would need to apply for and qualify for this type of assistance.

State or Government-Funded Programs – Some facilities are run with state or government-funded money in order to help locals find the help they need. Look into these in your area.

Ask for Help – Not being able to pay for rehabilitation should not be the reason you don’t get help. Ask a friend or loved one if they can help pay for it, or help you find a place willing to accept someone without insurance.

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