Obesity as an Addiction

Although many people don’t realize it, obesity is a growing form of addiction within the United States and around the world. The undeniable urge to have access to food and eat it, even when not feeling particularly hungry, is causing more people to fall victim to the experience of obesity as an addiction. Clearly, not everyone who is obese is suffering from an addiction and there is a borderline of difference between those who are obese and addicted in comparison to those who are simply struggling with their weight.

People who suffer from obesity as an addiction deal with the experience of obesity and a need for food much differently than those who are simply struggling with maintaining their weight. Someone who is addicted may express a need to always be near food or have in available to them, even if they are not going to be eating immediately. They may express that they need to have the food with them constantly, just in case they get hungry. Others may continue eating, even though they are not hungry, just because the sensation of eating food can be so crucial to them.

Some people think that since the addicted individual is dealing with obesity as a form of addiction, it would be best for them to get involved in a weight loss program to help counteract the role that food is playing within their lives. However, this almost always never works because the individual is dealing with an addiction. A weight loss program is not helpful for someone with this type of addiction because it doesn’t address their dependence on food or its role in their life an addiction. It doesn’t provide enough of a focus on the psychological aspects of obesity as an addiction.

For this reason, there are some rehab programs that are specifically designed to ensure that they will be able to address the unique challenges presented by obesity addiction. This is a form of addiction that has to be treated and addressed differently than most, many because of the nature of the problem. Those who are suffering from obesity as an addiction may find that its easier for them to address the issue if they are interacting with other people who are dealing with the same concerns. It also provides them with the opportunity to discuss methods of coping that have worked well for those other individuals.

Obesity is an addiction that still needs more acknowledgment throughout the community of rehab programs. There are now many programs that are starting to create obesity rehab options to help people directly address their reliance on food and obesity as a form of escapism. Although it can be challenging to deal with this form of addiction because it is so widespread throughout the country and the world, there are many people who are working on a daily basis to fight against their obesity addiction and its ties to food, ultimately choosing to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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