Florida Drug Rehab Center In Art Walk

The Into Action Treatment Center, a long term drug rehab center, is teaming up with the Rise Up Art Gallery during the Wynwood Art Walk in Miami, Florida. The center will be present to help support and inform the community about addiction and recovery options. Into Action and Rise Up Gallery have similar missions to restore hope and provide a new found purpose to life for those who are living with drug addiction or paralysis. Both addiction and paralysis can take over someone's life and make it difficult for them to find a reason in living their life, but both programs exist to show everyone that life can be lived and enjoyed even with these types of issues.

Rise Up Gallery is a non profit organization which showcases the artwork of people who have disabilities. The sale of these works creates an income opportunity for the artists that are involved. Rise Up also partners with hospitals and rehab clinics to offer adaptive art workshops for the community. Into Action Treatment is a small 24 bed coed Florida drug rehab center. It is a very unique center that focuses on long term recovery for addicts and alcoholics. While most treatment centers in the industry are known to offer programs for 28 days, this option is a minimum of 45 days. Most clients who complete the program end up staying for over 90 days even if they have run out of provisions from their insurance plan.

These long term types of programs can be very beneficial because they improve the chance that the recovery will be successful and that the individual will have a less chance for going into a relapse afterward. It also helps because it ensures that the recovery will be more likely to be a more permanent option. Sometimes people who relapse after their treatment experience this because their treatment program was not long enough to produce the desired results and allow the person to become strong enough without the dependency on the drug that they were exposed to.

Another reason this option is getting a lot of attention is because it allows for those who have been addicts to divert their attention to other activities and pursuits in life. Many people find that their recovery experience is longer lasting and has better success if they are involved with some other pursuit, such as art or creative expression. For this reason, some rehab centers focus on offering a lot of activities that people can participate in to help ensure that they will have a better experience while they are working themselves away from their addiction.

The art walk and presentation is a great way to reach out to the community and educate them about the reality of drug abuse. Those who may be dealing with various types of addiction can learn that there are opportunities for them to break their addiction and may be more willing to accept that they need help when it is presented in a more friendly and less judgmental manner.

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