Holistic Treatment Programs

The goal of holistic treatment programs is to naturally stop addiction and work towards healing clients. These types of programs are known for using therapies that help to heal the body without causing any negative side effects. Unlike most rehab treatment programs, they do not make use of the 12 step AA disease theory or medication therapy. They believe that these options do not work because they are considered to be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment. Holistic treatment programs try to make the treatment experience as personalized and individualized as possible for the client.

These types of programs only use proven and updated holistic approaches in their program. The goal is to be able to heal the mind, body, and spirit from the effects of addiction. It often uses brain healing therapy equipment, energy healing, and non-toxic herbal remedies to help the body work towards naturally healing itself. There are many therapies which focus on the healing and regeneration of brain cells that have been deteriorated by depression, alcohol, or chemical abuse. The brain scans of previous clients help to reflect the abilities of the clinic itself.

Holistic treatment programs do not like to make use of medication in their programs. Most believe that medication is something that just masks symptoms and that it doesn’t truly address the underlying issue. It also does not make use of talk therapy, group therapy, or any form of medication therapy. Even if a previous rehab center has labeled a client as incurably diseased, a holistic treatment program will work together with that individual to try to provide them with a suitable natural healing process instead.

An illness such as addiction will always find a new way to emerge within the individual unless it is treated by healing the underlying causes at first. This can be done by removing all of the poisons out of the body and then working towards repairing the damaged brain of the individual. In addition to this, many people prefer to go to holistic rehab centers because they take care of their clients very differently. Most programs will provide organic food and healthy activities for individuals to participate in so that it will be easier for them to transition into a better lifestyle. Holistic treatment programs also tend to offer a higher end, luxury style to their centers in comparison to rehab. This is because they feel that it’s better to make the client comfortable and feel like an individual instead of trying to treat people in mass groupings.

It is important to understand that not all holistic programs are equal. Some will make claims about what they are able to accomplish but will not be able to meet those claims during the treatment process. It’s always a good idea to ask for examples, testimonies, and before and after scans of the brain scan results of previous clients in order to validate that the center is able to accomplish everything that it claims to.

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