Dos and Dont’s of Preparing for Rehab

Making the decision to enroll in rehab is very important. Unfortunately, sometimes people who have made this decision feel as if they should do everything possible with drugs and alcohol before they go in for treatment. This is especially so when the individual doesn’t particularly want to go into rehab but is doing it anyway, either based upon a court order or to try to get family members to calm down about their concern regarding the addiction. The reality of the fact is that those who are enrolling into rehab need to do some preparation before they enter the program.

Your first day in rehab is going to be an intimidating experience among most accounts. If you give yourself time to prepare, then you can have a more comfortable experience during that first day. The most important aspect to keep in mind before entering rehab is that it’s never a good idea to go on a drug or alcohol binge. Although it can be tempting to think to yourself that since you are aiming to never use drugs or alcohol again, it’s a prime time for you to pursue your last binge, this is very damaging to you in the long run. It is the wrong attitude to have regarding your rehab program. It will not lead to the results or the goals that you are aiming for and it will ultimately harm you more than you realize. Not only is there the risk of overdose, going on a drug and alcohol binge can also make your detox far more difficult and uncomfortable.

Deciding to binge on drugs and alcohol before your rehab is going to make your withdrawal symptoms almost unbearable. When you have more drugs and alcohol in your system, your body takes the experience much harder than you might expect. You can prevent this by being somewhat sober by the time you get into rehab, if it is at all possible. However, you shouldn’t try to cut back or stop to the extent that it also harms you. This can be risky because if you try to stop on your own, you might go through withdrawal symptoms before you begin the rehab program. This isn’t an ideal choice because you should always have medical supervision and medication available.

Some of the positive steps that you can take to prepare yourself for a rehab program include taking care of yourself physically with getting enough nutrition and rest. The detox process associated with rehab can be very painful and hard on your body, so you will want to ensure that you are in the best condition possible when you begin. Finally, the biggest step that you can take is to ensure that you will be at peace with yourself mentally by the time you begin the program. By accepting yourself and being at peace mentally, you will be prepared to take on many of the tasks and challenges in your rehab program.

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