Dealing With Addiction Denial

For those who have an addict in their life, one of the most frustrating aspects to deal with is the constant denial that the individual has a problem. This is especially true when it is obvious to everyone else that the individual has a problem but they are not willing to admit it. Even if you are able to provide evidence that proves that the individual has a problem, the addict will usually insist that they do not have a problem or even claim that their problem is the result of someone else's actions.

You might wonder what has to happen for someone to finally admit that they have a problem. Will it take a trip to jail? Health problems? What would be the final factor that would make them realize that they needed to get help? It's difficult to answer because it varies for everyone. For some people, the risk of losing their family or having health problems is enough to make them realize that there is something serious going on and that they need to make a change before they lose something or someone precious to them. For other people, not even that is enough to wake them up and make them realize that this is a serious issue.

Sometimes an individual can attain numerous DUIs and even legal problems and not even be phased by their addiction. Addiction can be a baffling disease, especially for the family, friends, and loved ones of the individual that is being affected. Individuals may try very hard to make the addict realize that they need to stop before it's too late; something serious may happen, they may end up in jail, or their health may be affected in ways that were never affected before. Sometimes divorces occur or custody of children is lost because of addictions. Yet sometimes these elements don't slow down the addicts either.

This is why, to some extent, the addict has to want to change and want to become sober if they are going to truly have results with a program. If the individual is not willing to recognize that they have an addiction and they don't want to acknowledge that it's a serious issue, it's going to be very difficult to get them interested in participating in the program and doing everything required for the treatment to progress. If the denial can be reversed and the individual can become aware of what they have been doing to themselves and those around them, then they will be more likely to take the effort for recovery seriously and they will want to get involved with all of the treatment options that are offered to them. If you are dealing with someone who has an addiction but does not want to acknowledge the seriousness of the issue, you may want to consider scheduling a professional intervention to try to help make them more aware of the problem and inform them of the matters at stake based on their substance abuse.

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