Key Preparations for Rehab

Usually when people think about preparing for rehab, they think about the typical preparations of what to pack for their time spent at the program and letting their friends or family know where they are going. However, there are a few key preparations that have to be made beyond these concerns. Like anything else, you will have priorities to take care of before you get involved with the rehab program. It’s very important that you don’t forget to handle your priorities with work, school, your finances, and other elements of your life before you start your program.

Addiction is considered to be a disability and according to the law, you’re allowed by the “family leave” act to take a leave of absence without having to disclose the reason for your leave. You should inquire with your doctor or with the staff of the program about what your employment rights are. This is very important because it can determine whether or not you will have a job when you return from your rehab program.

Financial obligations need to be taken care of while you are away or before you leave. You are going to have to make some arrangements to handle this during the period that you will be in rehab. You don’t want to come back to a large amount of unpaid bills or have your accounts shut down while you are away. Generally you can just cancel your subscriptions and your use of these items until you have returned home, but you can also have a friend or a family member take care of it for you while you are going.

Legal problems tend to be common with addiction. If you have pending court dates and legal issues, then you should let your attorney and the courts know that you will be going to rehab. You may need to have a friend or family member be present at your court date in order to verify that you are attending rehab for your addiction.

Being honest with your friends, family, and children about your situation is important. You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you are struggling with addiction. Your loved ones probably already know this. You should take some time before you leave for the program to apologize to your loved ones for the problems that have been caused by your addiction. Usually they will be very supportive of you and just giving them an apology can truly help with your relationship in the long run.

Once you have prepared these things and handled your priorities, you should be ready to get involved with the program. By handling these concerns before you go, you won’t have to worry about what’s going on at home while you are in rehab. Likewise, you won’t have to stop the program or be interrupted to try to fix or change these elements while you are in the program in case anything comes up -- it will already be taken care of.

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