Five Tips for Rehab

Don’t Give In to Binges

One of the most tempting experiences for some people who have decided to go into rehab is to give into a binge right before they go in for the program. This is one of the worst choices that you can make for your body before you go into a rehab program. You increase your chance of having an overdose and you also increase the chances of accidents happening, which can be life threatening in the long run. It also makes it harder for yourself to deal with the detox experience.

Don’t Change The Dosing Schedule

Even though you shouldn’t binge before you go into rehab, you also shouldn’t stop using your drugs or substances too early. The benefit of going into rehab is that you will be provided with medical supervision, which will be necessary when you start going into detox and withdrawal symptoms appear. You should take advantage of these services because it can be very dangerous for you to go into withdrawal symptoms on your own without medical attention. If you want to ensure that your current dosing of substances isn’t working against your future goals in rehab, then talk about it with a doctor. They will be able to provide you with some suggestions of how you can gradually taper off these doses until your program begins.

Get Rest

Do your best to take care of yourself before you go into rehab. You should get plenty of rest and eat healthy. Get into exercising and adopt other healthy habits so that you know you will be physically prepared. You will do a lot of this when you go into rehab, but preparing ahead of time can be crucial. When you first begin your detox period, it’s going to be very hard on your body. If you are able to be healthy and physically fit when it occurs, then you will be able to handle the reactions a little easier.

Prepare Physically

When you have been accepted into a rehab program, you will generally be provided with a packet of information to help you prepare. This will include a packing list. You should pack your bag in accordance with the list. It’s a good idea to pack personal items that might remind you of good times that you had with your family and friends. Remember that you should never bring anything forbidden.

Prepare Mentally

If you are able to get past your fear and focus on the positive aspects of the program, then you will be able to have much more of a likelihood for success. Distance yourself from people who don’t support you or make you feel negatively about your decision. The more positive you are able to feel about joining a rehab program and working towards becoming sober, the more likely you are to be able to achieve your goals and avoid relapses when you are finished.

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