Are Therapies Replacing One Addiction with Another

It is no secret that many drug and alcohol rehab units offer methadone detox treatments as part of drug rehab programs. This particular treatment plan lasts far longer than a standard natural detox. It can also cause increased issues with the rehab program itself for individuals. Though this type of treatment has come under fire in recent years, another form of treatment has seen greater opposition. There is no name for the treatment, but there is a method. The method consists of replacing one addiction with a healthier addiction. Instead of combating addiction as a whole, the therapy works with the natural addictive personality of the patient and gives them a healthier addiction to replace the drugs or alcohol. This method has been used in other treatments, such as gambling and sexual addictions.

Ongoing Replacements

The opposition to replacing one addiction with another, or replacement therapies as some natural counselors called them, is the ongoing replacement. There are some that feel replacing one addiction with another only offers a gateway cure. That an addict will move onto new replacements and the addiction may turn to an ugly issue later down the road. For example, giving an addict the replacement of body building may seem like a good idea when the alternative is a drug addiction. However, when the addict starts body building to the point it consumes everything in their life, it can be just as destructive.

Working with the Replacement

Many counselors and rehab programs have adopted the concept of working with the addictive personality, the healthier replacement, and the individual to create an optimal program. This program moves the patient away from the harmful addiction and towards the healthier replacement. However, it also deals with the patient directly to help them overcome the need to make the healthier addiction option the only thing in their life. The patients are taught coping skills to help them overcome urges and to deal with them properly.

Ongoing Treatment after Rehab

Treatment after rehab becomes an issue when you are dealing with this particular form of therapy. In many cases the patient is left on their own to deal with any urges they have. They are told and taught to recognize the urges and cope with those urges in ways that do not involve any addiction at all. They are also taught how to join groups and create a support network chain to help them through tougher times.

The truth is an addictive personality will always find something to attach to. It isn’t the personality that is the problem. It is the addiction itself. Healthier addictions are considered to be a prime option to the deadly and sometimes costly alternatives. By teaching coping skills and ways to deal with urges, the hope is that patients will latch onto the healthier addiction while still maintaining a method of coping that will leave them without issues and the need for rehab in the future. The ultimate goal is to have a patient who does not fall back to bad habits and that changes their lives for the better, even if the road is paved with healthy addiction.

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