Are Jails The Place for Rehab

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of controversy associated with the debate over whether jail and rehab share a relevant correlation. There are many people who feel as if rehab programs should be featured in jails in order to ensure that those who are serving sentence time will be able to work through their problems and truly rehabilitate themselves in every sense of the word. However, there are others who feel as if associating rehab with jails would make it more difficult to reach out to addicts because it would provide a sense of social stigma. Despite their differences, both opinions manage to make valid points.

Offering rehab programs to those who are in jail could be a very beneficial prospect. There are already other countries which have made use of this option and have found that they have had positive results in the lives of the inmates, often rehabilitating them back to a more ‘normal’ form of behavior, similar to what life may have been like for them before they became involved in addiction and crime. Those who support the concept of rehab use in jail state that it is unfair to punish people for their crimes and expect them to change based on the amount of time served if there is no alternative lifestyle offered to them, such as what a rehab clinic would be able to provide.

Other people feel as if offering rehab in jail would not be an ideal choice because it would prevent addicts outside of jail from becoming interested in the option. The theory is that addicts would be less willing and likely to attend a rehab program because they would automatically associate it with the social stigma of jail, feeling as if they are being condemned for their addiction. Another belief is that those who are sentenced to jail may not take the rehab programs seriously, which would pose an issue with this form of treatment since most rehab programs require that the individuals must be attending willingly.

Figuratively, it would be helpful to have a rehab program offered in the jail system. There are many people who are suffering as addicts and never receive help with their addiction because they are unaware that such programs exist. This is especially true when dealing with situations where the addicts are low income individuals and lack a substantial education or even support from their family. Providing rehab programs in jail would offer an outreach to those individuals within the jail who would have never known about these programs otherwise. It provides those who are in jail with the opportunity to learn different ways that they can cope with and curb their addiction, which may help them to work on having a lifestyle without addiction when they are released from jail, if relevant. The greatest mistake of the jail system is to allow an addict to be released without some form of treatment for their addiction to the substance or activity of choice.

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