How Long Does Drug Addiction Treatment Last
Mar 2014

Individuals typically experience progress through drug addiction treatments at various speeds. There is not a predetermined length of treatment for drug addiction or for alcohol addiction. Research has seemed to indicated that good outcomes are contingent on having substantial lengths of treatment. For outpatient or residential treatment, participation for less than 90 days is provides very limited amounts of effectiveness. Treatments that have lasted significantly longer have been proven to have better results and are generally normal for these types of programs.

Many of the people who enter treatment drop out before they start receiving the benefits that the treatment can provide. They believe that since they don't see immediate results or since they still have some denial regarding the amount of issues they have with their addiction, the program is not going to be of any use to them. Successful results may occur with more than one treatment experience. Although some do not realize it, many addicted individuals have multiple episodes of treatment in order to finally be able to overcome the amount of addiction that they have had. This is especially true for those who have been dealing with an addiction for a while.

The length of treatment that is necessary generally depends on the type of substance that the individual is addicted to, as well as how long they have been addicted. As a result, no program is exactly the same for someone who is addicted. It varies based on the amount of dependency someone has, the substance that they have been using, the amount of mental or physical effect that the substance has provided, and many other aspects. Many individuals have to also get some form of therapy during and after the initial treatment in order to have lasting results.

For some people, support groups are another form of getting continual treatment even after they have finished with a program. Being able to talk to a support group where there are other people who are facing the same temptations can be very helpful. It can provide the individual with contacts of people that they can relate to. They may learn tips about how they can deal with their stress and various elements that may trigger them to want to abuse substances again. Other people simply feel better because they realize that they are not alone in their struggle with the situation and that there are other people who are still struggling in their goals to become sober.

Ultimately, the amount of time that someone may spend in a treatment program can vary greatly depending on the amount of substance abuse they have participated in and their personal circumstances. Different programs will provide different results and will offer many different forms of treatment. Some people may try to opt for some of the quicker treatments so that they can finish rehab sooner, but there is no proof that these options provide the best results. In the long run, talking with a doctor or a counselor at a rehab program is the best way to find out the length of time necessary for the most suitable treatment for you or a loved one.


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