What to Look For in Rehab Facilities
Mar 2014

If you are currently struggling with a substance abuse problem, you should start seeking help from a certified rehab facility. There are many of them to choose from, but sometimes it’s hard to know which one is best. That is where this guide comes in. It is going to help you determine the best qualities of a truly good rehab facility and what exactly to look for.

Types of Treatment Programs

The first thing to look for is what type of treatment programs the rehab facility offers. It is important to have a choice, because you may not want the one single program they have. Some of the more common treatment programs include inpatient (residential) treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient, holistic care, intensive outpatient programs, counseling, sober living and after-care programs. You may choose one or several of these programs in order to get through your rehab successfully.

The Three Main Factors

Among the many different things to look for, you will be aiming for three main factors, as listed below: Accreditation and licensing, effectiveness of treatment programs, and aftercare services.

Accreditation and Licensing

The first one has to do with the experience and licensing the rehab facility has. It is important to find a facility with a state license to operate as a substance abuse treatment facility. Not all facilities have proper licensing, so it is definitely something to consider. Do a little research first to find out how they are accredited, and make sure all of their counseling and specialists have proper experience and licensing as well.

Effectiveness of Treatment Programs

Next is how effective their treatment programs are. This is what reputation and level of success their programs have. Look at the exact numbers, if they’re available. Find out which of their treatment programs do well, and which might fall short. Not only does it help you determine if it is good facility, but which programs are most suited to you.


Last is aftercare, which is equally important. You always want to have access to an aftercare program, which will provide tips and resources for when you are released from the rehab facility. Nobody leaves rehab 100% cured and ready to live a life of sobriety. It is hard work, sometimes is a lifelong struggle. Your rehab facility should offer resources to help you after your program is over. This may include an ongoing support group, individual therapy or counseling, or various other resources.

Some other things to look for in a good rehab facility include access to a detox program for the withdrawal period, one-on-one counseling as opposed to group counseling, family support, and holistic programs if you would prefer natural health alternatives. Do your research to be sure you have chosen wisely.


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