Reentering Society After Jail and Rehab
Feb 2014

For the addict that has gone to jail, served time, and followed up with a rehab treatment program while they were in the facility, one of the most common concerns is found in the concept of reentering society after jail and rehab have been completed. There are many people who find themselves wondering if they are going to be able to maintain a ‘normal’ lifestyle like they used to - while others wonder if they will continue to struggle with the sensation and pressure of addiction on a daily basis.

Truthfully, most people who have experienced addiction will tell you that they experience temptation with their addiction on a regular basis. Some people feel tempted almost every day. However, they understand that now they are able to make the conscious decision not to take part in those activities that may have led to their addiction. Rehab has provided them with some insight into different techniques and methods that can be used to prevent them from getting involved with the abuse of those substances or activities again. While they may be tempted on a regular basis, they have emerged into stronger people who are able to handle the stress and concerns on their own or with the help of a support group.

Getting back into a previous, healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. Some people are able to go to jail and attend a rehab program and then return to their job normally, as if nothing has ever happened. In most cases, this is how it fares. Unless the individual has committed a fairly serious and deadly crime or seriously harmed someone, then their time spent in jail based on addiction isn’t going to affect their ability to pursue their goals with sobriety after release.

This is not to say that there are not some difficulties with transitioning into society again after jail and rehab. It may be difficult to interact with the public and with large groups of people initially because it is so different from what the individual has been taught while they were in jail or the rehab program. They have to remember that there is always the risk of temptation and having access to those items again after they have left jail and rehab. For some people, overcoming addiction is difficult because they are able to stay away from their addiction while they are in rehab and jail, but they are not able to stay away from that addiction at all when they reenter society because the temptations are everywhere.

Ultimately, if someone is seeking to ensure that they will be able to reenter society without any issues, or if they are concerned about rejoining the workforce later on, there are many programs and groups that can help guide them. As long as the individual follows along with instructions and does their best to maintain the goals of the group, they should not have any issues with reentering society in the future.


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