Rehab and Support Groups
Feb 2014

A very prominent portion of rehab is getting involved in support groups. This element is so important that many rehab programs actually require for their clients to attend some form of support groups while they are there. Group counseling sessions tend to be the most common way that these support groups are used within this setting, though some centers make use of group counseling and support groups. The support groups are used to reinforce the concepts and understandings that were gained during the counseling session. However, outside of the rehab program, support groups can also be used to help those fighting addiction to continue on with their quest to overcome their weakness to substances.

Not having a support group can be challenging. What do you do when you don’t have anyone to turn to? It can be difficult to talk to someone about your temptation to use substances when you know they can’t relate to the situation. You aren’t always comfortable telling these feelings to a family member or a friend because you don’t want them to worry and feel as if you’re going to abuse the substance again. Sometimes you may not even have the opportunity to talk with family or friends about these issues if they’re the ones who were encouraging your addictive lifestyle. As a result, a support group can be the ideal choice for you because it will provide you with access to people who understand what you’re going through, can relate through their own stories, and offer the strong possibilities of becoming friends throughout the duration of the program.

There are many different kinds of support sgroups. There are some support groups which are ideal for those who are addicted and others that are ideal for those who are family or friends of those who are addicted. Some support groups even combine these individuals so that everyone gets a better understanding of each other and how these elements of addiction can affect everyone. There’s no wrong or right group to choose. There are many groups where you are not even required to participate; all you have to do is attend. You can listen to other people talk about how they are being affected and changes in their lives or you can volunteer your own story to share. It’s all up to how you want to experience the support group.

It’s important to realize that support groups aren’t as bad or as awkward as they’ve been stereotyped to be throughout movies and other forms of media. There aren't going to be group hugs or people that are forcing you to talk about yourself if you don’t want to. Ultimately, a support group is just there to provide everyone with the feeling that they are not alone and that there’s always somewhere to turn to -- especially if they feel as if they are struggling with their quest to end their addiction.


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