Rehab Versus Confrontation
Jan 2014

A common misconception that some people hold about rehab is that it is ‘unnecessary’ because they feel that they could possibly prevent their loved one’s addictions by confronting them or having their own form of a personal intervention. Although it is generally a good idea to let your loved one know that you are aware of their drug and alcohol abuse, it’s not always a good idea to try to provide your own intervention to their problems. While your heart and intentions may be set in the right place, it’s not always perceived that way by the individual who is struggling from addiction.

Some people like to believe that if they were just able to intervene with the situation of their loved one’s addiction, the individual would listen to them and stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. However, it is rarely ever that simple. Addiction is not something that can be handled lightly or alone. Sometimes even the best of professionals who are trained to work with addicted individuals have difficulty with trying to move people away from their struggle with addiction. Ultimately, the other individual has to want to recover from their addiction in order for any type of intervention or help to truly provide the necessary results.

Confrontation isn’t always the best choice when you are dealing with someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You don’t know the extent of their addiction or how they may behave when they are using the substances; likewise, you don’t know what they will be like when they are withdrawing from usage either. Some people are more emotional while others may become physically threatening or violent. As a result, you don’t want to put yourself in a confrontational situation where you may not be able to handle the reaction of the other individual.

It can be difficult to appeal to someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. They may not be able to see your perspective or your opinion. They might find your opinion offensive or feel as if you are downing them for their actions. This can produce negative emotions and feelings towards you, even though you are trying to help them out. Although you mean well, they may not see it that way. Other times, it can be risky for adverse reasons. Some addicts convince their loved ones to provide them with money so that they can support their habit. Other addicts might get their loved ones involved into the addiction or the situation, which can also be risky and detrimental to their health.

Rehab is the ideal choice because the people who work there are trained to know how to interact with those who are addicted and help them to recover. They know how to approach them and find out what’s causing them to turn to drugs or alcohol. All of this is done in a safe environment where no one will be in danger or at risk, making it the best option in comparison to confrontation.


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