Overcoming Your Gaming Addiction
Dec 2013

Gaming addictions are very serious. Though many shows and movies poke fun at this addiction, they can lead to very serious issues such as the loss of jobs and family. If you have a gaming addiction, you may have an issue finding a rehab program. During the process of finding a suitable program to help you quit your addiction, there are some ways you can overcome the addiction on your own.

Support Groups

Support groups are one of the best ways to overcome addictions. This is especially true of gaming addictions. Support groups tend to help with gaming addictions by connecting people with the same addiction. Alternative past times are offered such as exercise, outdoor activities, and simple support group meetings. This will give you a point of contact when you have the urge to game and help you get through that urge with an alternative activity.

Find an Outdoor Activity

Gaming is an indoor activity. In fact, one of the biggest complaints related to gaming addicts is the lack of outdoors time or leaving the computer at all. Finding an outdoor activity is one of the best ways to start breaking away from gaming. Make sure that the activity requires other people. Flag football, outdoor yoga, or other similar activities will require a team of some sort or group. This will give you a person or group of people who will look for you and who will hold you accountable to being there. In other words, you’re more likely to go when others are there.

Stop Cold Turkey

Find something to do, something you haven’t done in a long time. A quick step to this is to find a tv show that you haven’t seen in several months, a series premiere or a movie that you can watch and need to pay attention to. Take one hour off or the duration of the show off from gaming. Do it during downtime in the game. The following week, repeat the step, but this time do it during something important in the game. For example, if you are in a raiding group, take one night off of raiding. Just one night at first. Progress to other nights and slowly move away from serious gaming.

Gaming addictions can be very serious. There have been studies to show that those who fall into gaming addictions may have lost something major in their lives such as a job. They may also be a person that does not have achievement obstacles in their daily lives. The game offers these goals, lifestyles, and important positions that real life can’t. This is not an issue of the person. This simply means that you, if you are a gaming addict, will need to find other ways to cope. Set goals in other areas of your life. Start with small goals such as cleaning out a room, redecorating, or some other project. Once you have set these goals and started to move away from gaming, at a slow and steady pace, you will find the addiction will begin to cure itself. If you still need help, then seek out further rehab counseling.


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