Types of Alcohol Rehab Programs
Dec 2013

Alcohol rehab is in place to help people recover from their addiction to alcohol. Whether you have been drinking for a year or 20 years, it is not too late to get help. Alcohol rehab usually is centered on the 12-step recovery group where you go through different stags, like admitting you have a problem, asking for forgiveness and moving on from your addiction. There are also different types of alcohol rehab programs, offered at thousands of facilities throughout the country.

Outpatient Rehab Program

Some alcoholics are able to get through their rehab program by attending an outpatient rehab program. Unlike the rehab others go through, you will not be admitted to the rehab facility. Instead, you will continue living at home, working or going to school, and checking in with the facility once a day. They will speak with you, ask how you’re doing, and you will ask for guidance or get help in any way you need it. For outpatient programs, they try to provide you with s many resources as you need to get clean and sober. This is a less expensive option, if you don’t have insurance but still need help with your recovery.


And of course, the other main type of rehab program for alcoholism is inpatient treatment programs. This is more for alcoholics who do not trust their own judgment. If you feel like going to work and leaving without attending happy hour, or being around family member who drink regularly, is too much temptation, you should definitely join an inpatient rehab program. It tends to have higher success rates, but this really depends on the individual and what your specific needs are. It is going to be more expensive, so this is another thing to consider.

Sober Living

The final type of alcohol rehab program is called sober living. This means you live in a community-type house with others who are also recovering from their alcohol addiction. It is called sober living, because nobody in the house is allowed to have any form of alcohol or drugs. It is a safe place where you are free of temptation, but you are also required to pay rent, find a job and go to work or school each day, and participate in household chores and activities. It is a good balance between inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs.

These are the main types of alcohol rehab programs, but your facility might offer other more specialty ones. Don’t hesitate to contact them ahead of time and ask exactly what kinds of programs are available. It is important that you seek help and start a rehab program, no matter which one it is. Getting help is the most important step of getting recovery.


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