Staging an Intervention for Rehab
Dec 2013

Rehabilitation, or rehab, is a program designed to help individuals recover from their different addictions. While it is more common for addiction to drugs or alcohol (called alcoholism), there are also programs for other addictions, like sex addiction or gambling addiction. Whatever the cause, these addictions tend to be harmful to the individual and everyone around them. Therefore an intervention is often needed. If the person is in denial about the harm their addiction is afflicting, family members get together to “stage” an intervention where they discuss their feelings.

Who to Get Involved

First, you need to decide who should be involved in the intervention. Don’t have too many people in the intervention, but the closest family and friends. Any friends who are very close to the individual, and family members affected like children, parents, spouses and siblings should be there. Each person is going to provide their own letter to read aloud to the person you are staging the intervention for. Try to convince everyone close to them to be involved in the intervention for the best success rate.

Things to Do to Plan the Intervention

Here are a list of the things to ask each family member or friend to do in order to help plan for the intervention:

• Write down a list of ways they have been personally affected by the drug abuse or addiction. • Decide what the best type of treatment would be for them. This is often something to discuss with the spouse or parents, because they are closest with the individual, therefore being able to provide the most successful recommendation for rehab treatment. • Be sure everyone understands the consequences of an intervention. It is natural for the person to become defensive, lashing out and putting everyone there on display. Everyone should be well prepared for this, especially any children present. • Ask everyone in the group a good course of action in the person denies their addiction or refuses treatment. This is unfortunately common following an intervention, so plan a course of action you as a group think would be best.

Seeking Help

It is also recommended that you get a professional specialist in planning and staging an intervention. They usually get people together and help act as the leader when the person arrives Because all the friends and family attending are going to be in a sensiie state, it doesn’t make sense for any of them to act as leader of the group. You really need a third party not connected with the person.

Plan to have the intervention on a day and time when everyone can get together, and when the person is unsuspecting. Be sure they don’t get advanced warning, because most likely they will escape and not show up at all. This can have disastrous consequences, so figure out a way to convince them to show up.


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