Rehab and Detox for Teens
Dec 2013

Teen drug abuse and addiction is being called an epidemic. There are teens as young as 12 years old, still in middle school, starting to use drugs and alcohol. Whether the problem is from peer pressure or easy access to it, that’s not the most important consideration. The fact is, rehab and detox needs to be available to teens who have been abusing drugs or alcohol. If they can get help early, before it leads to addiction, they have a much higher success rate of not using drugs for the remainder of their young life.

Abuse VS Addiction

Teen drug use usually starts harmlessly, where the teen gets it from a friend or a party. But while they think it is harmless in the beginning, it tends to escalate quickly. Before too long, their occasional drug use or drink, leads to abuse. Once it gets to the abuse stage, they are using more frequently and it is starting to affect different facets of their life. They most likely are doing badly at schoolwork where they used to excel at, have lost interest in friends and activities or are hanging out with a new group of people. They become depressed, lethargic, or oddly energetic. But it doesn’t stop with abuse. There is also the threat of addiction. Drug abuse leads to addiction frequently, which occurs when they become dependent on the substances. This is the most dangerous side effect of abuse and the hardest to recover from.


If your teen is using drugs or alcohol, whether it’s abuse or addiction, get them help immediately. You can admit them to a local drug rehab center. As a parent of a minor, you have authority over getting them the help they need, before it's too late. If you get them help now, you don’t have to worry about them refusing help as an adult when you can no longer have them admitting for rehabilitation. Rehab programs are varied, with many options available, depending on their level of abuse or addiction.


An important part of the rehab process is detox, the first process in any treatment program. If your teen has been using drugs or alcohol for a while, they are going to experience some pretty heavy withdrawal symptoms. These include headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, chills, sweating, and some more painful and dangerous ones. Detox offers medications to help alleviate some of these side effects, while also monitoring your teen the entire time. When you’re looking for a rehab facility, you should really look for one that offers detox programs. Most of the good ones do, as it is important for many reasons.

Get your teen help before it's too late. If they have been abusing drugs or alcohol, send them to rehab before it leads to addiction. It is a long road downhill if they continue using drugs at such a young age.


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