Overcoming Your Online Gambling Addiction
Nov 2013

Online gambling addictions have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Though gambling addictions are nothing new, the online version of them is a bit new to most people. The reason so many gamblers are turning to online versions of their addiction is because of the privacy. It is easy to bet, easy to gamble quietly, and easy to hide from friends or family. You can simply login to any gambling site that accepts players in your area and then place a bet. If you have a debit or credit card you are good to go. In some cases, you can use Western Union to pay for your addiction, and that can be done online as well. The entire process can be hidden. So, how do you overcome an addiction that is so easy to hide? How do you overcome something that no one, not even those close to you, may know about? How do you move on?

Put a Block on Cards

You can call your bank and put a block on your cards from being used for gambling sites. It may take a few days and you may have to talk with several people, but it can be done. This is one of the quickest ways that many people begin to cope with an online gambling addiction. Most online gambling sites will not allow the use of prepaid cards. Some will not allow the use of debit cards. If you have a block placed on your card, then the options of a debit or prepaid card are out as well. There are other options, but in order to use those you would have to be more open about your addiction due to the options being things like Western Union.

Deactivate Accounts

Most online gambling sites have guidelines regarding deactivating an account and starting a new one later. If you deactivate the account, you may be closing the doors to future accounts with the same site. It is a simple step and can actually begin the process easily to overcoming your online gambling addiction.

Support Groups and Activities

Another solution and coping method many addicts use are support groups and activities. Locate online support groups for gambling addicts. They will have their own network of people at different stages of the process. They can help you, mentor you, and offer you support when you need it the most. They are usually a phone call, email, or text message away. You can also look for other activities to take up the time you would normally be in an online gambling room such as a bingo room or slots room.

By using these methods you can begin to overcome your online gambling addiction. They may not be the full answer to the problem but they can help start the road to recovery. Also, consider letting a close friend or family member know about your addiction. Sometimes that connection can be the greatest help and saving grace in harder times where going back to the addiction is an easy option.


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