Helping Family Members Through Rehab
Nov 2013

In some circumstances, family members can’t even deal with addicted individuals because they may become so destructive and harmful that it may negatively affect other people in the family. It can be difficult to reason with them and very difficult to interact with them without feeling as if an intervention needs to be done; yet even with multiple interventions, the desired results may not be achieved because that individual needs the attention and focus of a rehab program. In other circumstances, addicted individuals benefit the most when they have the love and support of their family members. Yet, this can be so hard when someone is dealing with an addiction that causes them to be cruel or abusive, verbally or otherwise.

When someone is in a rehab program, it should be viewed as a source of hope. This may be their opportunity to change and improve themselves. The improvements and changes may not be obvious or immediate. It may take a long time before any change is acknowledged. For this reason, being patient and understanding is very important. Making an addicted individual feel judged or pressured can lead to relapses or abusive behavior that may not be in the best interest of anyone involved.

There is also nothing wrong with trying to help a family member get through rehab from a distance. Maybe you know an addicted individual and you want to help them, but you know for a fact that you cannot live or be near this individual while they are still addicted because it is ultimately detrimental to you or those you love. You can still help them by keeping in contact via telephone, email, or text messages. Letting someone know that you care doesn’t always mean that you have to stay involved with the addicted individual. Encouragement from afar may also help addicts to realize that they have not been abandoned and that they have more reasons to focus on completing their programs.

It can be difficult and emotionally demanding to interact and deal with family and loved ones who are going through rehab. However, it can also be rewarding to know that you are there for them during a time when they need you the most. It can be a strong factor in strengthening a bond or improving their lifestyle. At the same time, it’s important not to feel obligated to remain around that individual during their treatment, as some addicts recover easier when they are left alone to focus on their goals.


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