Holidays, Wine, and Rehab
Nov 2013

During the holidays, everyone tends to get together to celebrate and spend time together. More often than not, the holiday celebrations and dinners tend to incorporate alcohol. Wine is fairly popular during this time, although there are many other forms of alcohol that are used during this period. For someone who is in rehab or has just recently finished a rehab program, it can be a challenge to deal with these periods of the year because it is full of so much potential for triggers.

It’s important to be understanding of those who are dealing with addiction during the holidays. Although something may not seem to be a trigger to you, for other people, it may be the deciding factor that makes them want to slip back into their substance abuse. For this reason, you need to be careful about what is said and done at your holiday celebration. People who are dealing with alcohol addictions don’t need to be surrounded by alcohol at celebration, especially in the middle of their rehab program or directly afterward. Having some sensitivity to their needs is important, because they may not want to mention these issues to you directly.

Some people choose to spend their holidays in rehab clinics and centers because they don’t know how to deal with how to celebrate without alcohol or substances that they rely on. For these people, it’s a good idea to take some time out of your holiday and visit them at the clinic. This way they don’t feel like they’ve been forgotten and they’ll realize that people still care about them even though they’re not drinking or participating in substance abuse. It will show them that you are supportive of their situation and that you want them to recover. It will also show them that they can celebrate while being sober and still have fun.

The rehab center may have recommendations for what people who are struggling with addiction can do when holidays and celebrations arrive. Knowing how to cope with addiction and triggers can be very helpful during these times. Naturally, the addicted individual can’t always skip celebrations just because there is alcohol present; for this reason, there needs to be a means to help them deal with the triggers until they are no longer affected by that temptation, if possible.

Understanding is the key point of being able to celebrate holidays with those who are in rehab or those who have recently finished a program. Think about what you wouldn’t want around you if you were in the same situation; it may provide you with more insight into their triggers and will make the experience more enjoyable for them. Above anything, don’t make them feel as if they’re crippled or handicapped by their addiction. Recovering addicts should be treated exactly as equals but with an extra touch of understanding for their current temptations.


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